live out loud

Most of us live quietly most of the time. One of the most frequent conversations I overhear between parents and their kids are some variation of “shsh”, “be quiet”, “stay calm”, “don’t …”
This is how we learn to stay quiet. Because our parents were afraid of our loudness, our liveliness, our aliveness. Because they were afraid of what other people might think. Most of the time the thought process stops there and translate into action to “shsh” the child.
And as the good children that we are, we continue this self-muting once grown-up. How sad.

What would happen if we wouldn’t continue to quiet ourselves?
Sure enough, people would look. People would judge. People would gossip. And then their attention will move to the next shiny object – or more likely revert back to their favourite subject – themselves.
But for us, being loud, expressing ourselves, living out loud; for us it would change everything. 
Go back to early childhood memories and refuel the joy of being loud. Of being yourself in that moment.

That should be worth trying to re-incoporate in your daily life.
So go and live out loud.


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